Valhalla Virtual Pet Cemetery


Valhalla Virtual Pet Cemetery

Welcome to AniMeals Valhalla – Virtual Pet Cemetery Where you can immortalize your beloved pet. We currently have 5 plots available with 15 burial sites in each plot. Each one of our plots has been named in the memory of a cherished animal we have known.

Your faithful friend can rest on Boot’s Hill, in Jake Meadows, at Gato’s Grotto, Ricky Bobby Ridge or Cuculian Summit. All manner of pets can be memorialized here; horses, dogs, birds, cats, rabbits, turtles and more.

A $25 minimum donation will reserve your burial site for 1 year, you may submit a photo of your pet along with a epitaph which will be placed at your chosen site. For an extra $15 you can summit a second photo and a $25 annual fee for maintenance of the “cemetery site”.

A $350 donation will give you the privilege of having a burial plot named after your pet and will forever remain on our website.

Please call AniMeals (406)721-4710 if you are interested in memorializing your pet at Valhalla Virtual Pet Cemetery.


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