Congratulations China! AniMeals Cat of the Day


China is an AniMeals favorite, but she has been here too long! We know she is trying to impress you becuase she’s lost seven pounds in the past couple weeks due to a new diet and more exercise with the kittens.

Take China home today and help this fat cat continue on her way to being a skinny kitty.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations China! AniMeals Cat of the Day

  1. China you look FAB! I must know your secret!! I’ve been trying now since December to lose some weight and not only have I not lost ANY weight I think I might have gained a few pounds. I need your help China, any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Well Mills, it’s all in how you nap, which is sooner rather than later and for up to three hours at a time. I prefer large fluffy chairs and “the sprawl” is something that I’m thinking of trademarking. Also, I suggest at least two meals of Fancy Feast and then a sensible dinner. Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

      1. China that is some good advise but not very practical for me. I love the nap idea but unfortunately I don’t think my boss would (and you know of whom I speak). Do you think I could substitute albacore tuna for the fancy feast?

  2. Why would it not be practical? Just saying your resting your eyes . . I think the tuna idea is excellent, just be sure to skip the bread, mayo, pickles, mustard and whatever else you were going to add to it to make it palatable.

  3. I will take your “resting my eyes” under consideration. Perhaps I can put my computer monitor right in front of me and no one will see that I am napping, or should I say “resting my eyes.” You are also right on skipping the bread with my tuna, too many carbs. Good thinking China! What about an exercise routine? I know you didn’t loose your weight on diet alone what moves did you use to loose your weight?

    1. Dearest Mills,

      It was very hard at first . . you see I took it one small paw at time. In the beginning I would collapse after at a few steps under my own blubber but eventually I worked my way up to one lap at a time around the warehouse, interrupted, of course, by as many naps as possible.

      The computer monitor idea is ingenious . . I don’t think anyone would notice.

  4. Oh China you flatter me. I do admire the hard work you have put into your weight loss. I will try to follow in your paw prints.

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