goodnight thomas

Thomas was a beautiful cat who outlived his long time human companion and ended up at AniMeals. We were graced with his presence for a few short months and everyone here came to know him as a polite and gentle kitty who had plenty of sweetnes for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Thomas

  1. Thank you for all the support. Below is Thomas’ updated biography from our website, in case you are interested!

    The old man died peacefully in his sleep. His family was not able to keep his two faithful companions, who were just as old as he was. It was the only home they ever knew and their loss has been traumatic. Tom, Madonna’s brother & best friend passed away shortly after the old man but Madonna is still here trying to make sense of this new turn of events in unfamiliar surroundings, fearful that she will be passed over while hundreds of little kittens get adopted. she is hoping for a guardian angel that will cherish her just like the old man did for so many years.

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