Thank you ML, KC and Cat Blogosphere!

Cat Blogosphere

On Saturday KC and ML from Cat Blogosphere posted about AniMeals and sent in a generous donation that everyone  appreciates very much! The kittens thank you!

On Friday we had 13 new kittens brought in, all were small and some were sick. The good news is that they had a restful weekend of recovery and are well on their way to growing up to be great cats!

3 thoughts on “Thank you ML, KC and Cat Blogosphere!

  1. Yes, we read about AniMeals on the CB but couldn’t post about you until today. Unfortunately, we don’t have any funds, but we know of at least one donation coming your way from it so we at least feel like we contributed in a small way. We wish the best for you and all those kitties.

    1. Yes! Thank you so much. Miss Peach and I have been in contact and she featured Smokey on her blog today. We love it! We really appreciate all your hard work.

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