Adopt a Kitten


These are some of the kittens we still have available. Cheerio, Coco, Count Chocula and Pappa Bear. Don’t you just want to take them home?

What You Will Need For Adopting A Kitten:

Litterbox– Small kittens can get lost in a large litter box.  Buy aluminum throw-away pans instead of the bigger ones until your kitty becomes a cat!

Litter– Do not use clumping litter. Kittens are inquisitive and sampling litter is common. Use a clay litter, or a recycled litter that is biodegradable.

Cat Carrier– Look for a top-loading cat carrier versus a front load. For this item, buy the adult size. Your kitten will grow into it soon enough.

Leave it out all the time on the floor with soft padding in it. Your kitten will curl up in it, thinking it’s a bed! It will make transitions easier.

Scratching post– Buy em’ tall and sturdy. The adult size is good for kitties too.

Your kitten will also benefit by a angled cardboard scratcher. Beware of the type that has small holes in the side. Kittens can easily crawl inside or get stuck in the small holes.

Water bowls– Use your own saucers for food. Kittens are sensitive to their whiskers touching surfaces. Make sure the water bowl is large enough that the kitten can drink without touching the sides of the bowl with its whiskers.

Toys– Kittens will play with anything! Be sure that the room you have prepared for the kitten has been searched for anything lying in the corners, underneath furniture or in the carpet that the kitten might choke on, like buttons, small parts, string, rubber bands, etc.

Food–  Buy age-appropriate canned and dry food.  Kittens have special nutritional needs so look for foods geared for growth and development.

3 thoughts on “Adopt a Kitten

  1. I was just writing to see I’d you guys still had the kittens marley and cheerio and any recent pictures of them? I would love if you could send me some if they are still there thanks

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