14 Fabulous Felines-Katmai and Fifi


Outgoing gal seeks fun loving pal.

Likes to socialize and live life to the fullest. Family oriented. Loves to be held and hugged.

Signing off, Katmai.

Searching for love?

Quiet, unassuming female who adores cozy nights by the fire. Looking to share a life with that special someone. Will wake you up with purrs and kisses.

Yours truly, Fifi.



AniMeals would like to present to you 14 Fabulous Felines who are looking for love. Do you know anyone who needs a steady relationship in their life? Look no further than one of our fabulous 14.

The first two are the ready and willing Katmai and Fifi.

Katmai adores having deep conversations while bathing in the sun, she is also a great dresser and loves anything diamond studded and shiny.

Fifi is a true lover, quiet but a real sweetheart. She is trustworthy, you could let her run around your office and not have to worry about her snooping or using the copier inappropriately.

If you know anyone who would like to meet either of these two ladies give us a call or stop by AniMeals! We would be happy to set up a date. 406.721.4710.

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