Emma and Misty

emmist14Shy, mixed heritage beauty.

Not the jealous type. Not into drama. Looking for understanding partner to light up my days and nights. Been alone to long

From Me, Emma.

Stunning single mother.

Children grown and gone. Adventurous and energetic. Ready and willing to take the plunge. Let’s share something new together.

Your future lover, Misty

AniMeals would like to present to you 14 Fabulous Felines who are looking for love. Do you know anyone who needs a steady relationship in their life? Look no further than one of our fabulous 14.

The second pair are the beautiful Emma and Misty.

Emma would be the perfect housekeeper; clean, neat and totally sweet.  All she needs is a little love and kibble.

Misty is a lively gal who loves being the center of attention. She also knows how to work her way right into your heart.

If you know anyone who would like to meet either of these two ladies give us a call or stop by AniMeals! We would be happy to set up a date. 406.721.4710.

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