Cat of the Week!

Ra Kitty

Hey, my name is Ra Kitty. You know, like the Egyptian sun god! I got my name because I’m a beautiful gold color. Do you like my roman nose? I think it makes me look very distinguished. My family was allergic to me so unfortunately I couldn’t stay with them. I do like AniMeals though! The best part of my day is when volunteers come in to brush me. When I see them brushing other cats in the adjacent kennels I get really excited! I race back and forth in anticipation and meow my unique voice (some call it a chirp). So please, grab the brush on the front of my cage and come on in! Can’t find a brush? Well your nails will do! I love a good scratch. I’ll even do my best trick for you which is rolling over onto my back and flopping around like a fish.

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