Meet Riley!


Riley is a 4 month old miniature Schnauzer who came to us last week from a family who could no longer keep him due to allergies. Although young, Riley has super manners and would be a great fit for any active family. His favorite thing to do is go for car rides and hang his head out the window. Probably because his eyebrows blow back and thats the only time he can really see! He always asks before getting on the couch or bed and is potty trained. He loves stuffed animals and dog bones, often times collecting all his things and then sitting in the middle of them.


Riley gets along great with other dogs and is learning how to deal with cats. He doesn’t understand that sometimes kitties don’t want to play with dogs! He loves to go for walks (although he would prefer to run) and really enjoys racing around the yard at full speed, which sometimes leads to a slip of the furry foot and quite the crash.

Riley 2

Since he is still a puppy there are many things for Riley to learn. He is looking for a family with a lot of patience who likes to play and do things outdoors. At 16 pounds, we think he’ll fill out a little bit but probably won’t grow much larger. If you’re interested in adopting Riley, call or stop by to see if he’s in the office!

Riley 3

3 thoughts on “Meet Riley!

  1. Congratulations Amma and PaPa. What a cutie. The girls are already yelling to come to Montana to meet the new addition.

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