Meet the New Arrivals

Meet Lucas and Toddles, two new cats at AniMeals who are looking for new homes!

Toddles is a lovely female cat who is so sweet and so soft. She is very friendly and is always by the front of the kennel, talking softly to whoever enters and praying that she’ll get some love. Unfortunately, she’s often overlooked and rarely gets the attention she deserves. Stop by and see Toddles today and spend some time with a young cat who needs some love and affection.


We’re just starting to get to know Lucas, but we think he’ll be one popular feline. One of the softest cats we have, Lucas’ fur is sleek, gorgeous, and will be low maintenance. He has a lovely face and large eyes that make him look extremely intelligent.  He’s often chatty, enjoys being stroked and brushed, and likes to rub his face on you. We recommend you come before the rush and see if Lucas is the right cat for you — he’s going to go fast!

Lucas Lucas II

One thought on “Meet the New Arrivals

  1. I was wondering if this cat is declawed? We have been looking several months for our cat that went missing and this cat looks identical to our cat named Tike. He is 3 yrs old and has the softest fur and a big bushy tail. He loves everyone and has a very calm nature about him, so calm that he doesn’t even mind having a bath once in a while. Please! Please! call me if this sounds like him (239-6160)

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