Meet the Persians

We’ve got two cool new residents at AniMeals that we think are going to be very popular. Meet Elliott and Camille, two beautiful purebred Persians! They came to us from a nice woman who was having health issues and could no longer take care of her cats. Both are four years old and came from a Persian breeder in Colorado.


Elliott is a handsome black and white guy with soft fur (and curly belly hair!) and a funny personality. He’s incredibly friendly and is extremely observant — always interested in the hussle and bussle of the AniMeals office. He likes being brushed and will sit patiently while you do so. Taking care of his long fur will be easy!


Camille is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. She knows her name and will come to you and chat when you enter her kennel. She also enjoys being brushed and likes to sit on your lap and just be close to you. Don’t let her fluff fool you, she’s only five and a half pounds!

We’ve been cleaning up their eyes every day since they arrived at AniMeals and the tear stains seem to be improving. With a little more work they’re going to be even better looking. Since they’ve lived together their whole lives, Elliott and Camille would like to find a nice, quiet home together. Stop by AniMeals today and say hi to these cute little fluff balls!

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