Koda is Looking for a Home

AniMeals recently received an email from a nice woman who had taken in a puppy from a family who was having financial troubles and could no longer care for him. His name is Koda and he’ll be one year old on October 2nd. What a happy puppy he is! He’s smart too, and learned how to “sit” in one day. He’s starting to learn other commands too like “stay”, “come”, “leave it”, “off”, etc.

He is the perfect gentleman around other dogs, never playing too rough or biting too hard. He likes to rough house and would love another young dog to play with. He loves to chew on bones and eat treats.

Koda is very active and would love to find a family with another dog and kids. He is trying his best to learn his manners and to be a good dog. Koda needs someone who will continue to work on his behavior and to show him how a well behaved dog acts. He knows to go potty outside and loves to go for walks/runs. He is learning how to walk on a leash and is picking it up very quickly. Will you be patient and help this young, sweet boy learn his manners? He has the potential to be an EXCELLENT dog!

One thought on “Koda is Looking for a Home

  1. i would love to adopt Koda, but i can not get anyone to reply to me. i have called two people, and this is the second time i have left a response. Is Koda still available for Adoption? If so, could some one please respond to my messages? You can reach me by phone at 406-431-0655. or my email at debsbarbershop@hotmail.com

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