Another Happy Ending!

Check out this happy story from William and Evelyn B. and their son Mikaia. They found the perfect cat at our shelter named “Boo” who is now “Mr. Fluff”!

Like any pet adoption, this one came with a lot of planning, preparation and thinking through.  As our son’s first pet (and he had asked for a cat!) we wanted to make sure that we didn’t just find any cat, but that we found a cat that had a particular personality and ‘humor’ that fit our family.  With our son being young, we also wanted a young kitten that he could grow with – and vice versa.

We visited AniMeals a few times to look around, and were immediately impressed by the staff and how extremely personal they were with us, and how much they understood exactly where we were coming from and how much getting this kitten meant to us.

Our son immediately connected with a small grey kitten that he very quickly dubbed ‘Fluff’, and it seemed to instantly fit.  Upon getting Fluff home and introducing him to his new surroundings, he acted like he had been here all his life and settled instantly.  It was US however, that had to do a bit of adjusting, as we quickly realized that with the arrival of our new kitten our home needed to once more revert back to ‘toddler’ mode, and the house had to once again be made toddler proof!!  Anything of value had to be moved a few feet higher, and it was the constant balance between playtime & naptime – sometimes only a few seconds apart!

But Mr Fluff is very much part of our family.  He’s part of the early morning sit-down coffee routine, part of the get-ready-for school routine and the arrival-home-from-school routine, and very much part of the late evening relax-and-wind-down routine.  He is extremely playful and energetic, and extremely cuddly and affectionate – completely interactive all round.  He’s the perfect companion and addition to our family.

Thank you SO much to the AniMeals staff, who even now continue to be so helpful and understanding, and who we now consider to be friends of our family.

We highly recommend them!!

Thank YOU Eveyln, William and Mikaia! You guys are the perfect adoptive family!

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