New Kitties!!

We have three new cats that are ready to go to good homes. Kit and Melvis were born in the garage of a nice man who wanted them to have a safe place to stay before winter came. They’ve both been neutered and have had their shots so they’re ready to go to their individual families. Both are shy but are warming up quickly. If you’d like to help socialize these sweet boys, stop by the AniMeals office and ask to see Kit and Melvis. They’d love to hang out with you!

kIT Melvis

Coyotee has befriended Kit and Melvis and is showing them that people aren’t scary and instead they can be rather fun! Coyotee is one big ball of energy and will do great with a family who wants an active feline friend. Coyotee’s beautiful coat is sure to make him a popular choice so if you’re looking for someone with a little spunk, you better get to our office fast!


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