Meet Moo


Hello my people!!

My foster parents found me screaming my lungs out one late Saturday night next to some dumpsters. They chose to nickname me “Princess Meow Meow”. You may call me what you’d like though.

Why did they name me this you ask? Well, because I am a princess. I instantly took to their chest and shoulder kneading them gently and if they put me down, pillows were my next favorite place to lay. When I talk to you, it’s very gentle and high pitched.

When they brought me home I was a little frightened for they had six cats all different ages and three dogs all different sizes. I’m so small and dainty that I thought I would be eaten! Instead they allowed me to eat and drink from their bowls. I was famished! But within a day I was playing with their four month old kitty and all of his toys. I even allowed the dogs to approach me and smell me. How rude though!

I love to talk. I’ll talk you through your day. When you pick me up, put me down, feed me, and when you fall asleep, I’ll talk to you. I enjoy to be in your lap and bathe you. You could say that I’m like a dog that way. I like to lick faces, meet you at the door, and I love to play.

My short hair doesn’t shed barely at all and with my markings it makes me all the more unique.

My worst habits are that young children scare me. I’m so small they might hurt me so I hiss and swipe at them. I’m sorry. I also have a taste for human food since dumpster diving is how I had survived. I’m sure good kitty food will cure that.

I will miss my foster parents and all my friends there but I need someone of my own to lie and their chest, purring them to sleep. Perhaps it’s you.


Princess Meow Meow AKA Moo

(written by Moo’s foster family)


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