Brutis’ New Happy Home

Our favorite kitten, Brutis, was finally adopted last week. We received this  email from Julie, his new Mom, this morning!


I thought you might like to see how little Brutis is doing (we actually have renamed him Nanook, which means polar bear in Eskimo.  It seemed fitting as we got him on the day it first snowed and because he is so completely different from a polar bear :-).

He seems fitting right on Halloween!

He is being a sweetheart and sleeping with us every night.  Pinky, my cat, is getting to accept him and they have been chasing each other around the apartment. She is still not completely adjusted, but I think she will over time.

I was worried he might not be cuddliest, but as he is getting to know us, he has become more and more loving and is always purring.

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know how he was doing and share a couple of pictures.

Thanks for everything!




Brutis 2

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