Camille the Office Cat

Camille, one of our Persians, doesn’t really like to be made fun of but we make fun of her anyway. From her protruding tongue to her cute meow, Camille is a shelter favorite. We’ve been letting her out of her kennel to roam the warehouse and she has been socializing with everyone she meets.

Camille Managing the Office

The loud noises of the shelter don’t bother her one bit and I’d go so far to say that she is one of the bravest cats we have. She prefers to sit in the middle of the floor and clean her fur but she also doesn’t mind sitting really close to the keyboard to make sure you are spelling everything correctly. Camille isn’t a diva, she doesn’t ask for a lot and she isn’t high maintenance (except for a good eye cleaning a couple of times a day). She’s really a funny cat that is incredibly smart.

Camille in a bad mood

With all the attention that Camille has been getting lately, we’ve figured out a another way to make fun of her. When you’re holding her on her back, give her a good scratch between her fuzzy, teddy-bear-like legs and she’ll act like she’s licking herself. Sometimes she’ll get a little hair in her mouth, but most of the time it’s just the air that feels the tongue.

We love you Camille and we hope you and your best friend, Elliott, find a great home soon!

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