The Big Boys’ Blog

In honor of football season, we would like you to meet three of our shelter cats who would surely be large enough to play in the NFL if they had fingers to catch the ball with and were of the human variety. Meet Timber, Maximus, and Vincent.

October 16th was Feral Cat Day and the AniMeals warehouse temporarily turned into a recovery clinic for feral cats who were being spayed or neutered at Animal Control. Feeding and watering the cats as they came out anesthesia was our job. We noticed a few were extremely affectionate and were definitely not feral! Maximus immediately caught the eye of our employees as one of the most unique looking cats we’ve seen in a while. The definition of a “Tom Cat”, Maximus looks like he’s been through a cat fight or six. A crumpled ear and squinty eyes make this big boy quite the looker. He’s incredibly sweet, very affectionate, and was rubbing on the cage and talking to us while in recovery. Needless to say, we kept this big man in hopes that we could find him a loving home where he wouldn’t have to fight for his food anymore. You’ve GOT to stop by and say hello to our new shelter favorite and the coolest Tom you’ll ever meet: our big Max.

Vincent’s story isn’t unlike Maximus’. Also deemed “feral”, Vincent was on his way home back to the wild outside world where he was clearly dumped. The only thing left to do was transfer him from his recovery kennel to a carrier kennel. As with all feral cats, this can be a hairy ordeal! We wear big gloves to prevent bite and scratch marks and try to make the process as least stressful to the animals as we can. To our surprise, once we pulled Vincent out of his carrier, he was bound and determined to curl himself in our lap. Vincent is a very good looking cat with a great personality. Shy at first, he is extremely quick to warm up to humans. He’s looking for a comfortable home with nice people who want a cat with some size! (The photos don’t do him justice — he decided the flash was too bright and didn’t want to have his picture taken anymore!)

Although Timber wasn’t part of the feral cat clinic, it’s obvious this boy has spent some time on the streets. When you visit the AniMeals shelter, Timber is the first one to welcome you from his favorite spot: the big black chair. He’ll talk to you, tell you it’s okay to come inside his kennel and that he’d really like a big squeeze and a pat on the head. The shoulders on this cat are amazing — he’s totally strong and completely solid. He would love to be an indoor/outdoor cat and promises to catch all the mice he can. All he wants in life is to not be thrown out anymore. He’d be a great gaurd-cat, clearly intimidating most intruders with his big paws and strong features. Little to they know, he’s a gentle giant who only wants to be your friend.


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