Our Longest Resident

Emma has been here for 10 months. Can you believe that? 10 months!! She is, by far, the longest resident of our shelter. Emma desperately needs to find a home. She is a lovely girl who just wants a warm place to sleep and fresh food and water. She likes her space, but is more than happy to sit next to you and keep you company. She enjoys being on a warm lap where she can just purr until her heart’s content. We don’t know how old she is exactly, but we know she’s a young adult with excellent manners. She enjoys chasing balls every once in a while and really likes her cat tree!

Emma came to us after being found in a woodpile on the Northside of Missoula. She had a litter of kittens there and was trying to take care of them and herself while on the streets. After being brought to AniMeals, Emma fostered three other litters of kittens that weren’t even hers! She was a great mother.  Please open your heart to Emma and give her a forever home. She desperately needs one and has been looking for one for her entire life!

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