Fidos & Felines Tweetup!

Social Media Club Missoula is sponsoring Fidos and Felines, a fundraiser to help Animeals during this holiday season. Fidos and Felines will take place November 6 at 7:00 p.m. at The Broadway Sports Bar & Grill.

There are several ways to donate at the event:

  • Check out the Animeals Web site, and bring one of the items on their Wishlist.
  • Bring pet food.
  • Shake out your couch cushions and check under your car seat. Bring in any spare change you can find!
  • Any aluminum cans that you normally recycle at home can be brought to the event and donated for the Animeals recycling program.

Fidos and Felines is a TweetUp, so Social Media Club Missoula will be posting messages of the event on Twitter. Pictures of the event will be uploaded to Twitpic during the event and will be made available on Facebook afterward. The tallest DJ in America , Aaron Traylor from 107.5 ZooFM, will DJ. We encourage everyone to come join us and learn more about Social Media Club and Animeals and how you can get involved with both groups!


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