Marco Needs Out!

Marco is having a hard time in the shelter and really needs to find a home soon. He came to us from another animal shelter who was running out of room and were on the brink of euthanizing multiple cats. Luckily, Marco Polo and five other felines came to AniMeals where they could have a second chance of finding a forever home.

Marco was doing well with the other cats but decided that he was going to be the boss of every kennel in the shelter. After bopping another cat on the head and getting in trouble, Marco Polo will look up at you with those big, round, green eyes and act like he did nothing wrong!

Now he’s in a big kennel all by himself and thinks he’s in prison. He’s not happy being confined and will reach his little paw out of the fence and try to touch you when you walk by. We’re worried about this little guy and would like to adopt him out into a home of his own where he won’t have to worry about other cats and dogs. If you’re currently living in an animal-free home, stop by the AniMeals office to see if Marco would be a good match for you!

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