Akara is Still Available!

Akara, our 5 month old Husky/Karelian Bear Dog, is still up for adoption! She is currently in foster so please call 721-4710 for more information and to set up an appointment to meet her. She is a sweet girl who has had a rough go of things in her short life. She deserves someone who is familiar with the husky breed and who will show her the way to a happy future!

2 thoughts on “Akara is Still Available!

  1. Hi, I have a Karelian bear dog/border collie female that I adopted from Misty Creek Kennels in Alberta, and am looking for another female to join the family. I am aware of Karelian Bear dog temperaments and have have Alaskan Husky dogs, so I also know their temperaments. Is your dog still available for adoption, and do you think she might be a fit? My dog is 4-5 years old and very friendly – able to adapt to other dog temperaments. Debra Pohlman

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