AniMeals’ Weight Loss Challenge

AniMeals is proud to announce our new program to help people lose weight and feed hungry animals all at the same time!

Lindsey H. from Missoula came up with a great idea to get fit and benefit AniMeals. She collected pledges from friends and family who are donating certain amount of money per pound that she loses to AniMeals. We love the idea! We decided it would be fun to open the idea to everyone. Visit our website at to find out how to participate. It’s fast, easy, and the hungry animals will thank you. Don’t forget, you can join at anytime so spread the word!

2 thoughts on “AniMeals’ Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Hi my name is darron i LOVE Animals i wish i had a bunch of them i am 13 years old and i was hopping i could volunteer and
    help out you guys visited our school hellgate elementary and you brot snowball

    i was also wondering when would be a good time to volunteer
    please right back

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