We Need Volunteers and Foster Homes!

Volunteers and foster parents are an integral part of operating an animal shelter and we are in dire need of both of them!

Volunteers are very important to the health and happiness of the kitties in our office. All they need is love, attention, and human playmates to keep them entertained and socialized. We have brushes, treats, catnip and toys available to our volunteers to use on our shelter cats. Many of our kennels have chairs inside of them so volunteers can sit down and hold a kitty (or three) on their laps. This is ALL it takes to ensure the mental well being of our kitties. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, please stop by and visit with our animals. There is no need to schedule an appointment, just fill out a little bit of paperwork and you’re good to go! We can also e-mail you a volunteer application for you to fill our prior to your visit. Just drop an e-mail to info@animeals.net and we’ll send it your way.

Foster homes are also needed for the animals who cannot stay in our office. These usually include dogs, puppies, kittens too young to be fixed, and mothers with babies. We supply you with everything you need to house these precious animals and in return you provide them with a warm, loving home. If you’re interested in fostering an animal, please email us at info@animeals.net and we’ll send you a foster application!


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