Daisy’s 5 Second Adoption

Love at first sight doesn’t happen very often, but it did a couple of weeks ago. A few minutes before the AniMeals office was set to close, a man walked in with a dirty little pooch under his arm who just had to find a new home. She had belonged to the man’s mother and after she passed away, Daisy was taken into his care. Although he wanted to keep her, he had a few dogs already and thought Daisy could find a better home elsewhere. So our office manager (and this blog writer) decided to take her home until she could find a permanent family.

I immediately gave her a bath, some fresh food and water, and a couple of toys to play with. Timid at first, she opened up quickly and decided that I was her “person” and her permanent home was MY home. She met my two blind and deaf dogs, Baron & Stoney, and immediately became best friends with them. She has not let me out of her sight since the minute she was brought in and really enjoys coming to work with me everyday. She is the best dog anyone can ask for and I’m honored to add a third (and final!) pooch to my pack.

Welcome home, Daisy! Stop by the AniMeals office Monday through Friday to visit her. She would love to say hi to you!

2 thoughts on “Daisy’s 5 Second Adoption

  1. That’s why I don’t show up at your place, or any of the other shelters, too often. I’ve got two pound puppies and two pound kitties and am running out of room.

    Bless you for being so generous and loving!

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