Meet Dora

My name is Dora and I am an 11 month old Boston Terrier cross born without the use of my back legs. Two young kids tried to give me a home but realized they were unable to handle the kind of responsibility that comes with a handicapped puppy. So they decided to put me to sleep. I wasn’t tired, but they said I had to go to sleep anyway.

Lucky for me, fate stepped in and I am still awake and looking for my forever home. My foster mom bought me a doggie wheelchair and I am trying to get the hang of it but it’s been a slow process. To tell you the truth I am kind of afraid of it. But I am sure with lots of practice I will be able go on walks and maybe even run like the wind.

This little girl loves life, cats, other dogs and everyone she meets. She has a lot of love to give. Will you be the one to love her back? Please contact Janie at (406)250-5079 or (406)756-1633.

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