Michael Vick to Win Ed Block Courage Award??

Please forward and submit your response to Sam Lamantia…

Dog News Magazine Editorial, January 29, 2009 issue:

“Incredibly the Philadelphia Eagles football team has selected Michael Vick has its representative to win an Ed Block courage award as the player on that team who is the “role model of inspiration, sportsmanship and courage!” The Baltimore-based award is given to a player on all 32 teams and is named for a former Baltimore Colt trainer who was an advocate for abused children. Sponsorship proceeds promote the prevention of child abuse by raising awareness of the epidemic and assisting agencies who provide for the care and treatment of abused children.

Vick’s teammates have chosen him for this prestigious award on the basis of his being the player with the best “commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage.” A ceremony on March 9th will honor him and the other recipients of the award at a ceremony in Baltimore. Unless of course sufficient protests are made about this undeserved nomination which make a farce of the award to those in charge.

First of all the alarming association between people who torture, abuse and kill animals and those who commit acts of child abuse and domestic violence is an acknowledged and accepted fact. Indeed it is said researchers have found animal abuse in 88 percent of those families where there is child abuse. Nothing Vick has done since serving his felony conviction of running a dog-fighting ring and related scurrilous activities relative to the welfare of the dog indicates a full repentance in these matters. Indeed exactly what has he done to earn this award particularly anything which could in the wildest of imaginations deem his actions to have been “courageous.” The second-chance theory may work for some but even the most forgiving of individuals must be both shocked and appalled that Vick would be considered for any kind of an award much less a recognition and/or a commendation in this particular area.”

Letters of protest must flood the foundation offices:

Ed Block Courage Award Foundation
8808 Orchard Tree Lane
Towson, Md 21286
Sam Lamantia, Chairman
email address: sam@edblock.org
or call: 410-821-6252

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