Akara and Snoopy

Hey everyone!  I am Troy with AniMeals, and I foster a lot of our animals, so I wanted to do a shout out for AKARA AND SNOOPY. These dogs are still puppies and need a forever home , places to run, people to love, walks with a friend and faces to lick. Akara is a SBF (spayed) with Blue eyes that will melt your heart. She loves long walks. The bigger the bone the better for her! She’s here waiting for your call 721-4710.

Now about Snoopy:   He is a (SBM) neutered 12 week-old, floppy eared lab look-a-like, but will be a small dog ( do not let him know I said that). He does have big dog envy and is quite the player, girls! I don’t think there is anyone he doesn’t like. He has personality,  loves cats, dogs (any size), kids, cat toys, hiding under clothes, walks, faces to lick and loves raw hide bones. Snoopy likes his kennel and naps with his people. His favorite show is Tom and Jerry on the Cartoon Network.  He, too, is waiting for the phone to ring for his special someone! call 721-4710

Troy Ann Magruder the voice of Akara and Snoopy

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