Hi, my name is Peter Parker.  I was named after Peter Parker.  I was born with cerebellar hypoplasia.  It’s a fancy name for the wobbles.  My momma was exposed to distemper when I was still in her tummy.  That’s how I got it.  So I kinda have trouble with my motor skills and balance.  But I am very  fast, I can run like the wind and I have a whole bag of tricks that I use when I need to.  Like the fainting goat move, the jack knife , and  the twist and flop  (to name just a few.)  I will be blogging for AniMeals when I can find the time (I am very busy). I live with seven other cats and two dogs so my days are always full.  Watch for me in the near future. I will be posting pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure!

See you on the flip flop!

3 thoughts on “INTRODUCING PETER PARKER!!!!!!

  1. Peter, you must be really something special if you live with seven other cats and yet you are the star! Do these other cats wait on you like staff? will they do your bidding?

  2. No Mills, the other cats don’t think I am anything special, and they all like to box my ears ( and chew on them too). They think I am easy prey because the are a little more agile than I am but get me on my back and I open up a can of whoop a**. The Peter Parker bunny kick puts them right in their places!

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