Yes! Friday is here, and the tenants here at the AniMeals Kitty Condos are really hoping for some volunteer lovin before Sunday!!!  We are open 8-5 Monday through Friday and 11 to 4 on Saturdays.  Chyna Buffet (who coincidentally, along with Peter Parker, is starting her own blog very soon) is always looking for treats to help with her Personal Weight Gain Program.  Beverly, if you catch her at the right time of day, likes to be brushed and played with, but will let you know when she wants space…Sasha seems to be on a neverending quest  for the perfect spot to sit and monitor the happenings of the warehouse….Anthony is talking about how badly he wants to get out and do his warehouse laps…..Junebug spends a lot of her time pretending she is spiderman scaling the walls of her kitty condo, while Chaplain, her neighbor, is constantly trying to impress her by showing her different ways to stay at the top for as long as possible while expelling the least amount of energy.  Muffin is sitting at “her” desk waiting for somebody to come and talk to her.  Come to AniMeals and check out the rest of the tenants here and find out their stories!  They are all sitting, waiting and hoping to find their forever home.  At the very least, they are looking for friends to visit with regularly.  Sign up to become an AniMeals volunteer today, and/or fill out an Adoption Application!!!  THANK YOU SUPPORTERS!!!

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