Monday with Chyna Buffet

All morning Chyna had been anticipating the footsteps she finally heard coming down the walkway of the warehouse from the kitchen…she expectantly positioned herself so the bowl of wet food that was to arrive within the next few seconds could be placed directly underneath her mouth.  She practiced the motions of dipping her head and eating to be sure that her current stance would allow her to eat while the remainder of her 15 pound body could stay motionless, laying in place.  Perfect.  It seemed it would work.  She listened as the footsteps trailed off around the corner.  A huge sigh escaped her as she realized that set of steps was not bringing her food.  She still kept her ears peeled, though….she could be next.  She shifted in place as her belly announced it was ready for some food…She glanced up as her friend Mickey scampered toward the kitchen to retrieve food for himself, and Chyna kind of chuckled to herself thinking of how funny it was that he actually went to the food when, if he would’ve waited, it would come to him, just like it does to her every day. She began purring to herself as her eyes lazily fluttered while she lost herself in her daydream thinking of the flavor of the food she was about to receive…the texture…mmmm…..and then…..just like an angel in heaven, her dish was placed in front of her….and just as she’d practiced, she lowered her head to eat.  Ah yes, she quickly licked up the remnants of her food and immediately began the countdown for her next meal.  Now dozing off with a soft smile on her face and a semi-full belly, Chyna Buffet began dreaming of a place where all of the footsteps she heard brought her food.

Check back for more on Chyna Buffet!!!

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