Coco’s Mission…

Coco froze in her tracks three feet away from Chyna. She couldn’t figure out what the feathery apparatus was that had attached itself to Chyna’s neck. Every time Coco walked by Chyna, she was taken back by what she saw on her. She wasn’t even sure if Chyna was aware of this potential parasite that had set up residence around her plump neck. Coco was a loner, so she really didn’t care either way what any of the other tenants at the AniMeals shelter did, but she couldn’t help but feel particularly nervous for Chyna. She was always happy as long as she had food in front of her. So, for some reason, as much as Coco resisted, she found herself pausing to kind of check up on Chyna over the past few days. This concern had surprised Coco herself, because that wasn’t her nature…but that phenomenon clamping onto Chyna’s neck almost seemed like it was taking advantage of her somehow…although Coco couldn’t figure out how….so not knowing what else to do, Coco attempted to scare the entity with one of her infamous hisses……but all it seemed to do was scare Chyna.  What on earth was that thing and why had it chosen Chyna to make its home??  Coco was going to figure this out…

One thought on “Coco’s Mission…

  1. Jealous much Coco? I don’t think it’s concern as much as jealousy. Perhaps if you would take off your angry eyes you see how much fun you could have in the warehouse.

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