Beverly’s Business

Beverly always stayed as far away from the other cats as possible and quietly oversaw the warehouse activities from the top of her cat tree.  She was unavoidably staring at the event that was unfolding below as Coco hissed at Chyna.  Not much happened in the warehouse without Beverly knowing about it.  She wasn’t about to intervene in the Coco/Chyna ordeal that seemed to be escalating now, but she wasn’t exactly sure what was going on with that situation either…….Coco seemed to be staring almost past Chyna somehow….she was eyeing Chyna’s pink collar, which, in Beverly’s opinion, didn’t really look like a collar at all.  It looked more like a hot pink bird had built a nest on the back of Chyna’s neck, but whatever.  She had little interest in why the footsteps that brought all of them their food had chosen that particular collar for Chyna.  She did, however, have interest in Coco’s obsession with it.  What on earth was that about?  Beverly slowly climbed down the cat tree, not having any idea what she was going to do when she was down, but certain that she wanted to be sure Coco didn’t do anything drastic.  Although Beverly didn’t care much for Chyna, she still felt compelled to defend her if Coco was planning something.  Did Coco want the collar from around Chyna’s neck?  Or was she just being a bully?  What was going on?  Beverly crouched down around the corner and waited.  Coco was still looking directly at the collar and Chyna was laying down motionless, eyes wide open, afraid to move for fear of what Coco was about to do…any warehouse business was Beverly’s business, so she crouched down even lower and waited…glaring….eventually catching Coco’s attention…Bev’s thought as she stood up was “let the games begin”….so they did…

(come to AniMeals to see the pink collar that has Coco’s attention!)

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