Hi everybody! Peter Parker here.  I was playing outside with my Posse yesterday when I took a tumble off the patio falling heavily onto the grass far below.  Fortunately, my superior reflexes saved me from egregious injury as I nimbly picked myself up and made the mighty leap from the ground  back onto the concrete slab… a full one inch.  Looking quickly around to see if anyone noticed, I nonchalantly licked a paw then gathered myself for the annihilation of the object that had led to my undoing in the first place… the leaf that was craftily eluding me.  Out of nowhere Billy White Shoes appeared,  pounced with lightning speed, and killed my adversary without mercy. He trotted off with the remains in his mouth, tail held high, very proud of his trophy.  Nothing is safe when the Posse is on the prowl.

Until next time….See you on the flip flop!


  1. Peter if it wasn’t for you Billy Whiteshoes wouldn’t have stood a chance with that leaf. You obviously subdued the leaf before hand, after all they are a whiley and crafty prey. You are the bomb dot com!

  2. Hey, Peter Parker! I am so awed by your leap-of-fear! Long jumping is in your future! So, glad you rescued Billy Whiteshoes & he rescued you! ** Love AniMeals, & thanks so very much for taking the mighty leaf hunter in to be adopted & fed!

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