A Day in the Life of Gizmo

Wednesdays and Fridays.  Those are the days that Gizmo looks forward to more than any other days…he gets to get out on the town and promote his most favorite place in the world:  AniMeals.  He remembers back when he first showed up a few months ago, he was really impressed with the shelter because, for as many cats that live there, the Warehouse Manager and her staff sure do keep the place spic and span!!!…and he knows that isn’t easy to do…but, he was just a baby then.  He is a working man now.  He has a job to do, and he wants to be known in the community for doing his job well.  He has to  stop getting lost in his reverie of thoughts from when he was just a month and a half old….he is now four and a half months old and he knows he has to keep his focus and be the mature boy he is.  As much as he loves his mom, he really looks forward to his days with the AniMeals Recycling and Route Manager, Matt.  He knows that his mom is just showing she cares about him by making sure he isn’t cold and dressing him up in random jackets and sweaters (ALL THE TIME) , but he never has the heart to show her how embarrassed he is to be wearing what she picks out for him. So, when Matt walks in the door of the shelter, Gizmo really likes that Matt immediately disrobes him of whatever hideous attire his mom has him dressed in that day. Matt is his bff. Gizmo often wondered if Matt even knew that, but he doesn’t really mind keeping that to himself either…he doesn’t want Matt to think he is a softy.  He knows he has to prove himself to guys 50 times more than the big dogs like Pit Bulls and Mastiffs do…he wants people to know that just because he is little doesn’t mean he isn’t tough.  He is all boy and likes having guys to hang around too!  Wednesday is going to be a big day for Gizmosis, though…….it is so difficult for him to hide things from his mom because he knows she notices things that a lot of people don’t, but this is something he needs to do…she just can’t know about this yet….he needs some help with this…..guy help…so, he is going to have Matt help him on Wednesday…at least he hopes Matt will help him…it is all Gizmo thinks about lately……he is just counting the seconds until Wednesday gets here….this is going to be huge…he just hopes that Matt doesn’t judge him….



One thought on “A Day in the Life of Gizmo

  1. First of all…Gizmosis is just so darn cute!
    Second of all…does Matt know what Gizmo has in store for his mom?

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