2 thoughts on “Lord Anthony’s Wardrobe

  1. Lord Anthony appears to be enjoying his new attire! Love it & LOVE AniMeals for all the abandoned, abused animals that you take in—Love your no kill policy. Amen to that! “Not one sparrow falls to the ground without The Father’s knowledge.” That is what you’re all about. Blessings to your employees & Thanks, for ALL you do! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi this is Troy with AniMeals!
    I have to share with everyone a story about her cat that Pauline Hall (84) shared with me while I was visiting her. She was 10 years old when one day a neighbor brought over a kitten that she had too hand feed. Pauline was from a large family–they cooked on a wood stove and used it for heat. She was worried about the kitten getting cold so she made a bed behind the stove in her dolls bed. Every night Pauline would dress her kitten up in a bonnet and night gown. One night they had company over for dinner when it got late the kitten started to cry everyone said, what is that? Well Pauline went over by the stove and pulled out her kitten. She then put the bonnet and night gown on the kitten and put it to bed with out a peep from the little guy, and he went right to sleep. A man visiting asked if she did that every night with that cat and she replied, yes sir. He than said when you leave town do not call me to watch your place I won’t do that every night to a cat! Pauline’s cat lived until it was 18 years old and was dressed every night and would not go to sleep with out its bonnet and night gown on!(wanting it off first thing in the morning, before going out side of course) I loved this story because my cat snickers has her own wardrobe and camping gear! Yes, my dogs do too! “Life is good”

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