Detective Scampers and the Mysterious Food Disappearance…

Scampers was certain that somebody was sneaking into her kitty condo and eating her food while she was napping.  She knew the footsteps brought her a full dish twice a day, and she had made such an effort to try and eat regularly after her stint with refusing to eat when she first arrived at the shelter (see Scampers’ story on the Adoptable Animals page at  She noticed that every time she would lay down in her usual place at the top of the cat tree for her daily nap, she woke up to less food than she was originally given.  She was a very detail-oriented girl, and she had a strict routine, so these “little” things did not go unnoticed with her. She knew her roommates weren’t interested in her food, so she had suspected one of the two bigger tenants at the shelter—Chyna or Beverly.  Scampers was naturally thin, but she had to work hard to keep her physique…only, it was in the opposite way that Chyna and Beverly had to.  She found herself to be more critical of her appearance since her arrival at the shelter.  She knew that Chyna and Beverly envied her metabolism, but she tried her best to always be friendly toward them whenever they crossed paths.   Scampers just wasn’t as outgoing as some of the other tenants, and she avoided confrontation whenever possible, so she was always careful to try and not come across as snobby.  Most of the time, she just kept to herself…but this food-stealing situation was messing up her routine.  She knew that it wouldn’t take much for her to slip back into the depression she had been in upon her arrival at AniMeals, but she worked hard to keep her new life as fulfilling as possible until she got the chance to go to a new forever home.  How would Beverly and Chyna even get access to her food though?  Just as she began going over the first possible method of food acquisition from outside of her kitty condo, she saw Chyna laying suspiciously next to a kennel.  She was partially hidden by a sheet, but she was clearly there.  Scampers froze and intently watched to see what Chyna was doing, and caught movement!  She couldn’t believe it!!! She was scooping food out of one of the other tenant’s dishes!!! Scampers frantically scoured the kitty condo that Chyna was next to and, just as she’d suspected was happening to her, she found Mouse curled up on top of her kennel sleeping, oblivious to the food theft that was taking place!!!  She felt better knowing that she wasn’t imagining her food disappearing, but how could she fix this?? How could she alert Mouse…or any other innocent victims of food robbing???  And was Beverly in on this too?  They were both obviously overweight.  How long had this been going on???  On behalf of her own growling belly and all of the other unknowing tenants at the AniMeals shelter, she was going to find out a way to stop this once and for all!! She just needed a plan…a really good plan…

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