Prancer – “The Laid Back Black”

Curled up in a corner, quietly observing the antics of her roommates, Prancer found herself entranced in the event taking place across the warehouse next to Scampers’ and Dolly’s kitty condo.  It looked like there was about to be a fight over with a few of the other tenants at AniMeals.  It almost resembled a stand-off!  Beverly was crouched down intently staring at Coco who was eyeing Chyna Buffet…She also noticed Scampers perched on her tree overlooking the incident.  But, what was the incident? She found herself amused at Beverly’s involvement in everybody’s business.  Prancer stretched and yawned a really big yawn and laid her head down.  She was always watching.  Watching as the people who come to AniMeals looking for cats to adopt walk right by her.  She is a black cat, and she knows that her odds of being adopted are considerably less than those of, for example, the orange tabby down the hall or even of the calico in the next room.  But, she had been at the AniMeals Condominiums for quite some time, and she was just gracious for shelter, food and water.  So grateful.  She saw a group of people walk in the door and decided she was going to make an effort to be noticed today.  The thing about Prancer, though, was that she was what she was referred to by others as “a laid back black”…nothing really bothered her, and she loved getting lovin.  That was just it.  She was the ideal roommate, the ideal companion.  She was used to being overlooked by people, yet she didn’t hold it against them….that was just the way it was—there was no reason to question it…it just was.  So, Prancer sat at the door of her condo as the group of people walked by.  She knew she was looking good today because the fabulous warehouse staff had just brushed her earlier in the day, and her coat was so sleek that she felt like a supermodel on the “catwalk” – HA! So, she waited for the group to make their rounds and end up at her kitty condo…she lazily groomed herself and looked up just as everybody left the building without so much as a glance in her direction….but, it was okay…there was always tomorrow.  She knew there was somebody out there for her……they will find her.  She was certain of that.  A wave of hunger took over her belly and she headed toward her leftovers from brunch….only to find that they were gone!  This had never happened to her before!!! Her roommates still had leftovers on their plates, but she didn’t…and for some reason, her plate was moved closer to the condo door…..but who would do that??? And then, suddenly, the situation with Chyna, Beverly, Coco and Scampers across the warehouse caught her attention again………….was there an issue with missing food over there too??? Prancer was going to find out….she had read The Count’s blog and knew that curiosity had not killed him, so she was sure that she could escape that fate with her own curiosity…………….she then began to form her plan…

To be continued…

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