Introducing Peter Parker’s Posse…The Magnificent Seven

Hi everybody! Peter Parker here.  I think it’s about time I introduced you
to the Posse.

Meet Amos:  His momma got kicked in the head by a cow.  He came in very sick and covered in fleas but he’s much better now.  He struggled for a long time with his health but came through in the end with flying colors.

Nemo, (Eddie Haskell) got thrown in the river but boy is he a good swimmer!
Gretzke, (named after the famous hockey player)  We call him “the urban panther”. Nobody can move a ball across the floor like Gretzke. He’s the fastest and very coordinated.

Billy White Shoes started his life living in a car with a heroin trafficker.

Ra.  The Golden Boy (named after the Egyptian Sun God) lost his home due to a severe and sudden onset of allergies. He had never been outside before coming to our house and now he worships the sun….hmmm…does that mean he worships himself?

Black Bart (Bartemis) Mamma brought him home when he was a tiny kitten because she said he had three strikes against him…he was black, had long hair and he never cleaned his hiney.  He has gotten more baths than any cat I know…he hates water worse than Nemo.
And me, Peter Parker.

Well there you have it. The Magnificent Seven.  Seven of the coolest cats this side of the Pecos.  Seven bush whackin’ scoundrels. Seven who strike fear into the hearts of tiny little mice everywhere when they see us thundering across the grass.  Seven who beat the odds.  And the legend lives on….
Until next time….see you on the flip flop!

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