Gizmo’s Charismo…

After Gizmo’s revelation to Matt, he still couldn’t help but wonder if Matt was embarrassed now to be with him.  He knew that Matt wasn’t shallow and that they were friends either way, but he still felt insecure about this.  Maybe that was it.  Maybe Gizmo was just insecure, and Matt wasn’t even acting differently at all.  Yes, that’s what it was.  Gizmo had overanalyzed the situation…yeah, that’s all it was.  All of the sudden, Gizmo lifted his head, straightened up in the seat…and he decided to attempt to climb onto Matt’s shoulder like he sometimes did on their routes.  Matt let him! WOW…..Gizmo was ecstatic!  Matt was still his bff!  He really was!  He hadn’t felt this good for a while.  They stopped back at the AniMeals shelter, and Gizmosis was so excited.  He saw his mom, and he was just so happy about the events with Matt, he didn’t even want to play with her.  He froze in his tracks when he stood there watching Matt as he talked to his mom……….had he just heard that correctly?  Did Matt say he was going to adopt a dog??  No……Gizmosis was certain he had heard that wrong…he tilted his head and watched Matt as he enthusiastically showed his mom a picture of the new potential family member.  Gizmo almost collapsed.  What did that mean?  He listened as Matt went on about how his upcoming new family member would accompany him on their AniMeals routes.  Gizmo couldn’t believe that he was hearing this……did that mean he would be replaced?  Matt no longer wanted to hang out with him?  Gizmo wondered if the revelation of his fear of water (refer to Gizmo’s previous blog) had pushed Matt away.  He laid down next to the phone and rested his head on his paws.  He all of the sudden lost his appetite.  He felt defeated.  Why wasn’t he enough anymore for Matt?  Matt seemed so excited about adopting what Gizmo felt was his replacement, that he just had no idea how to control all of the emotions that were taking over his three pound body…so he just started barking.  It was either bark or cry….and he was going to stay tough…so he hoped Matt would notice him barking and be impressed at how deep his “voice” could be.  But Matt just walked by…and Gizmo knew that if he could see a picture bubble above Matt’s head that showed his thoughts, that he would most likely see a picture of the new dog and Gizmo wouldn’t be anywhere on Matt’s mind.  Why wouldn’t he tell Gizmo first???  He was so depressed.  His mom tried to pet him, and he was starting to become angry.  She just reprimanded him by sternly saying “NO” for nipping at her.  He didn’t want to be touched by anybody right now.  He just wanted to go to sleep. … hopefully this was just a dream….yes….a dream….

To be continued…

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