Peter Parker Presents…

Hi everybody! Peter Parker here.  Me and my Posse helped plant the garden last week.  Ra was in charge of digging, I was in charge of burrowing and Nemo (a.k.a. Eddie Haskell) was in charge of helping paint the garden gate (purple looks really good on him).  There were 3 pairs of geese in the field beyond the fence line discussing who was going to get the best real estate for nesting.  They were lowering their heads, wings spread out charging at each other. It almost looked like they were playing tag. There were Robins, Wrens, worms, bees, and butterflies, all happily doing their thing… when it started to rain…hard. Mamma ran for cover, I on the other hand, found it to be exhilarating! I actually climbed my first tree that day! Up, up the tree trunk! Then I hung in the branches, tail twitching, surveying the scene from my perch high up in the pear tree.

There were seven kittens dancing

Six geese a playing

Five crawly things

Four calling birds

Three drenched Wrens

Two garden gloves

And Peter Parker in the pear tree!

It was a great day…until next time…see you on the flipflop!

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