Peter Parker Presents…

Hi everybody! Peter Parker here.  I was surfin’ the world wide web the other day and I came across National Flip Flop Day. That must mean it’s National Peter Parker Day!  Wow! My very own day! I must be famous or something! And true to form, some sites say it’s June 15th, some say June18th, and some say it’s the 19th! Talk about “flip floppin”! (I wonder if they did that on purpose?) So I guess you can take your pick, or you can just wear them all next week to make sure you get the right day! HA! Just remember me every time you look down at those toes.

Until next time…see you on the flipflop!

One thought on “Peter Parker Presents…

  1. Hi Peter Parker, you’ve encouraged me to wear flip flops to work tomorrow, so I will do it in your honor 🙂

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