Peter Parker Presents…

Hi everybody! Peter Parker here.  Nemo Eddie Haskell, has been in training for a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  Last night he checked the connections on the toaster, the telephone, and the T.V., (everything looked good, was up to code and passed inspection) Moving on…he disconnected the radio/alarm clock and deflated the sleep number mattress causing a flurry in the morning because everyone got up late with aching backs.  He worked on the clock and the mattress for quite some time before he figured out that all he had to do was step on the on/off button on the power strip. He’s very smart!   He’s also the greatest mouser I have ever seen .  He brings his treasures in through the kitty door (usually alive) and if he doesn’t bring a mouse it’s something equally as spectacular…like a used surgical glove or pieces of petrified cow pies. He trots down the drive way head and tail held high, very pleased with himself and presents them with great ceremony to mamma. Of course she praises him and tells him what a good boy he is.  Someday I’m gonna grow up and be just like him!

Until next time….see you on the flip flop!

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