Wonderful Wednesdays in the Warehouse

Good morning fellow AniMealers

Today is another great day in the AniMeals warehouse!  Beverly (http://www.animeals.com/Beverly_Bio.html) is resting in her usual spot overseeing the crew while they finish up the morning chores.  Things are fairly calm here today, and the kitties seem to be as mellow as the piano music that is quietly playing in the background.  Are you looking to add to your family?  There is no better time than the present to come to AniMeals and fall in love with a feline! Our Featured Cat of the Week is The Count (http://www.animeals.com/The_Count_Bio.html).  He really is “The Most Interesting Cat in the World”.  Come see for yourself!

Yesterday was a big day for food distribution.  We sent over 2,000 pounds of cat and dog food to the Dillon Humane Society!  We are so thrilled to be able to help them feed their shelter animals!   Your donations and generosity are literally helping feed animals across the state.  So thank you to all of our supporters!!!  There were three pallets of food and some additional bags of bedding and accessories were shipped yesterday.  A huge shout out to Phil Rebich for taking time out of his day to pick up and deliver the food and supplies to Dillon!!! Thank you Phil!

For our current promotions, go to http://www.animeals.com/AniMeals_Promotions.html!  Thank you again to all of you for your ongoing support! 🙂

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