Hello AniMealers!!!

The calm before the storm…that’s what this appears to be.  Hot Springs is under a winter weather advisory.  It has been snowing on and off since last night.  The wind picked up and has now died down again for the time being.  We have an awesome crew of helpers here putting up tarps to keep the mommas and babies warm in their barn, and the increase in air temperature was IMMEDIATELY noticed!  Emptying trailers, shoveling, continually repairing fences and various other chores to help prepare for the upcoming storm are also being accomplished on the grounds as I’m typing this.  The babies and the mommas are together and separated from the males.  That alone was a major task that the phenomenal crew here at the sanctuary conquered.

None of this could be happening without the direction, know-how and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic of our fabulous  Director of Operations on the sanctuary grounds.  A huge thank you goes to Larry Davis.  FANTASTIC JOB EVERYBODY, AND THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR DEDICATION AND SUPPORT IN EVERY FORM!

We can’t emphasize enough that we literally couldn’t do this without you.


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