The phenomenal crew that maintains the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue (MLASR) confronts mother nature’s fury consisting of biting cold air, blinding snow and icy winds every day while they are outside feeding  the hundreds of animals, maintaining the grounds, repairing fences and equipment as needed and everything else that needs to be done.  AniMeals has been at the sanctuary now for over a week, and we have not witnessed a single complaint from any one of these guys.  Their admirable dedication to making sure the animals are cared for 24/7 is so incredibly selfless.  A HUGE thank you to (L to R) Shawn Watts (Missoula), Larry Davis (Hot Springs), Glen Chapin (Idaho), Jeff Moltzen (Missoula) and Jake Davis (Hot Springs) for your extreme generosity and devotion to the animals of MLASR.  You are all angels.


3 thoughts on “THANK YOU to the MLASR Crew

  1. Kudos to all the volunteers. My heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for stepping up to help the MLAS animals. I am sending cyber hugs and positive thoughts and energy. Know that you are appreciated and make a difference every day. ==baxter, SWLR & SELR

  2. I just wanted to say how moved I am by the selfless commitment Karyn Moltzen, Jeff Moltzen, Shawn Watts, Larry Davis, Jake Davis and Glen Chapin (and anyone else that I am forgetting to mention) have towards helping the animals that have needed to be cared for at MLASR. Our organization took on the parrots and I personally saw first hand the work these people are doing for the very (and I mean VERY) large magnitude of animals left at the sanctuary. It is mind blowing!!!!! You can not phantom the undertaking Karyn and her crew have taken on without seeing it yourself. I can not say enough about these people and the work they have done there. I wish I was closer because I too would be there every single day helping care for the animals that so desperately need to find new homes. If anyone out there can provide help….please contact them….they really need help and homes for the hundreds of animals that have been calling MLASR home. Some are in pretty bad shape….some are in very good shape. Please take the time to tell Karyn and her crew THANK YOU!!!! They did not have to leave their busy lives to go undertake this HUGE project. These people deserve an award or a paid vacation to recoup from the long hours of work it took to feed and care for all the animals during our lovely winter months. Not to mention all of the phone calls and hours of organizing truck loads of animal food and the time spent moving MOUNTAINS to get this all under control. I don’t think a person can even imagine all the work they have been doing! You are all my HERO’S!!!!!! Please do keep in contact Karyn….I am so moved by your selflessness….I can’t say it enough!!!!

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