The Daily Grind at MLASR

A trip into town to get a replacement hydraulic hose at Hot Springs Irrigation Supply, a visit to the office of Dr. Michael Marrinan DVM, a search for two-way radios at Gambles (we are looking for four of them….hey, does anybody have any to donate so that we can have more efficient communication here? ;-D), with a final stop at Buck’s, the local grocery store in Hot Springs, were just a few of the completed tasks listed on our agenda today at the sanctuary.  The temperatures are dropping quickly, but the snow seems to have subsided for the time being.  We did our laundry tonight for the first time since our arrival last Tuesday!  The last load is in the dryer as I am typing this!  After a satisfying dinner prepared by the one and only Karyn Moltzen, we are are winding down, preparing for the end of the night as New Year’s Eve slowly approaches us.  We thank you all for your ongoing support and appreciate all of the assistance we have received from everybody.  You all seriously rock.  Happy Day Before New Year’s Eve everybody! 🙂  Check back tomorrow!

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