January 4th = GREAT DAY

Today, 121 llamas were transported off of the sanctuary grounds to Alls Welcome  facebook.com/allswelcome near Grand Junction, Colorado.  A semi is on-site  being loaded as I’m typing this update!  Thank you SO much to Maggie Repp and Rowdy Bartels for your generosity and for taking in these llamas and also to their driver Johnny and his dog Ted!

4 thoughts on “January 4th = GREAT DAY

  1. thanks to you kayren for your continued efforts to make sure all of these animals get fed! it is a huge feat i am sure, i am wishing more help your way- keep up the good work you must have been born to be a shepard!!

  2. I understanding that moving llamas from this situation seems like a partial victory. Hhaving been involved in llamas rescue for nearly 20 years, likely longer than most in the llama community, there are many red flags going up over aspects and reports I hear. Moving llamas anywhere without some kind of assessment always involves a shifting of a problem from one location to another. I’ve seen this over and over. Does this new facility have the resources to provide medical care and individual attention to compromised animals? Likely there will still be animals suffering and dying at this new facility. Animal rescue is not easy and any effort such as what you guys are trying to do is laudable. The food and immediate care provided is wonderful. But there is also much more attention to detail that without, suffering of animals and confusion and frustration of humans continues. Are there females and intact males (remember crias can grow up into intact males and breed siblings) that were placed together in this first initial group to leave. Any rescue movement that contributes to more potential rescues being made in the future by those animals is lacking attention to important detail.

    If you folk would like any help and consultation in this situation, don’t hesitate to email or call 541-937-2507.

    Jim Krowka

  3. Well Jim I have to disagree with you. Any move is a good move as far as I’m concerned. It’s more likely that a group of 100 will get medical needs taken care of than this group of 800. Glad to see some in Colorado. May have to add a few to my herd.

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