It all started with a hay truck that was supposed to deliver at least 20 tons of hay to the MLASR.  Unfortunately, before even making it out of his driveway, the driver tipped his trailer over with the hay on it.  The second hay truck arrived yesterday morning, delivered by a generous volunteer, Dave Wadsworth, who brought 20 tons of hay to the sanctuary,  and, due to icy road conditions, his trailer slid off the road into a ditch.  Our sanctuary “main man”, Larry Davis, and his crew headed down to assist with a tractor and Larry’s personal pick-up truck.  After pulling the trailer up to the road, the crew discovered that a tire was popped due to a hidden barbed wire fence that was buried underneath 3 feet of snow in the ditch.  Les Schwab was called and the wrong size replacement tire was brought to the scene, so they had to go back and get the correct size, all the while, blocking the road with the dismembered semi.  Another semi from McConkey’s Hay and Grain Farm was on its way to the sanctuary to deliver 30 tons of hay and was blocked by the second semi in the road.  So, he had to turn around somewhere and got stuck.  The crew went down to get him unstuck and got the McConkey’s truck to the driveway while Dave Wadsworth waited at his truck for Les Schwab to show up.  The McConkey’s truck then got stuck on the sheet of ice underneath the layer of snow on the sanctuary driveway.  Once again, Larry Davis and crew set out to assist the McConkey’s truck by attempting to pull the semi straight with the tractor…that didn’t work.  The light of day was depleting quickly, and this semi wasn’t budging.  Larry then decided to unload some of the bales from the back of the truck at the bottom of the driveway, to relieve some of the weight.  During this whole ordeal of trying to get the McConkey’s truck up the driveway, Dave Wadsworth drove up the road, that was now blocked by the McConkey’s trailer and the tractor unloading some of the bales from its trailer.  A vehicle  just passing through then pulled up behind Dave’s semi.  Larry stacked enough bales to lessen the weight enough to get the truck moving and up the driveway, therefore opening the road so that Dave could turn around at the bottom and go get his trailer and go home and allowing the rest of the McConkey trailer to be unloaded at the end of the driveway….9 hours later.  The moral of this story is……..well, even though life can sometimes throw you lemons, remember how sweet the lemonade tastes at the end of the day. 🙂  THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING SUPPORTERS, DONATORS, AND VOLUNTEERS!

4 thoughts on “9 HOURS LATER

  1. This crew and the Animeals team are working super hard and their accomplishments show in these stories and pictures! Thank goodness for the people who really care about these animals.. Good job you all!

  2. I just want to say thank you to all the people trying their best to take care of the animals at MLAS. Prayers are also being sent your way.

  3. A big thank you to all of those who are helping! Sorry it was such an aggravatingly long day…but your efforts are much appreciated by so many. I hope the rich blessings of such giving soon rain down upon you.

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