Just got word from Missoula that the roads are treacherous there, too.  The rain has turned the driveway at the sanctuary into an icy mix of slush and packed snow…we just had some dirt and gravel delivered from Plains Ready Mix, and Jeff is sanding the driveway with the tractor.  Shawn just ran out of  gas on his way to water the cows, and we are now waiting for Manford, “the fuel guy”, to deliver at least 100 gallons of fuel to the sanctuary.  Be sure to stop by the Y Knot Cafe if you’re getting gas at the Hot Springs Conoco!  Thank you to everybody for your ongoing your support!

One thought on “BE CAREFUL OUT THERE

  1. Even in the bleakest moments, you all have a positive way of looking at things! I admire your attitudes! Keep up the good work! We are all glued to our computers reading the daily postings and how everybody is faring!

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